• Axial Rod Opel

Product code: 240200-ABS
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EAN 8717109326819

Drążek kierowniczy Opel

Tie Rod - Przód


Nr kat.: 240200

Original part number OPEL 4701745, OPEL 9204752, SUBARU 4883086G00, SUZUKI 48830-83E00, SUZUKI 48830-86G00, VAUXHALL 9204752
Replacement part numbers AISIN JAJPS-028, ASAM 80779, BGA SR9520, DENCKERMANN D130335, HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4848022, KAWE 8500 24217, LEMFÖRDER 33410 01, MAXGEAR 69-0738, MONROE L24217, MOOG OP-AX-2194, NK 5033659, QUINTON HAZELL QR3623S, RIDEX 51T0105, RODRUNNER AJ-O-173, STELLOX 55-02565A-SX, SWAG 84 92 8058, TOPRAN 207 150, TRISCAN 8500 24217, VAICO V40-0427, ZEKKERT ST-4258
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