• FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  1. User Account

  • How to register in the online store?


To register in the online store, click the top (black) bar where it says "ZALOGUJ SIĘ / CREATE ACCOUNT" After expanding the panel on the right, you need to enter your e-mail address and click the red button " register me". Then on the new customer registration tab you need to provide all the required data. After clicking the "register me" button, you can already start shopping. An email will be sent to your email address confirming your registration with our store. At the moment we do not use activation links.

  • Is it necessary to have a login and password to be able to make purchases?


No, having a login and password is not necessary. You can make purchases without registration. However, this option does not allow you to check your order history. For subsequent orders, you have to fill in the delivery details again. You also can't take advantage of promotions and discounts for regular customers.

  • How do I buy something without registering with the store?


After adding all the products you want to buy, you go to the shopping cart by clicking on the red bar with the words "Your Cart". Next, we choose the type of shipping and the type of flat rate, we can also enter comments to the order. After that we click the button "I am a new customer" and fill in all the required fields. However, if we want to register at the same time, we check the box "create an account in the store", but if we do not want to register, we do not check it. After confirming that we have read the terms and conditions, we click the "Continue" button below. On the next page you will see a summary of purchases, if all the data and goods agree with our choice we click the button "Confirm" And that's it.

  • I forgot my password, what to do?


In case you forget your password, click on "remind password" after opening the login panel from the top bar and there enter your e-mail address, which was used in the registration process. A new password will be sent to the address provided.

  • Can I make changes or additions to the data I provided in the registration process?


You can make changes to your data, just go to the appropriate tab in the "MY ACCOUNT" panel displayed on the left after logging in. Or click the word "Settings" in the footer of the page, in the Customer Service menu.

  1. Orders


  • Can I withdraw a placed order?

The order is forwarded for processing immediately after it is placed. It is not possible to withdraw a placed order. You can inform the store of the cancellation by e-mail, the details are in the "Contact Us" tab. Sending an "unwanted" order will be stopped if the package has not yet been shipped.

  • What is the deadline for processing the order?

The order is forwarded for processing immediately after it is placed. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the package is sent by the carrier company chosen by the customer the same day that the transfer is credited to the account. On the other hand, in the case of payment "cash on delivery" the package is sent immediately, usually it is 1 working day.

  • Can I change something in the order?

As of today, it is not possible to modify orders already placed. You can try to cancel the order or send an inquiry about order modification to our email address e-sklep@jrmotors.pl

  • If I order two items, but separately, can I receive them in one package?

If only the person processing the order will be informed by the time the first order is packed. If, on the other hand, such information reaches us when the packages are ready, or shipped - in this case you will have to pay for 2 shipments. As a rule, we do not make it difficult and try to do so that the ordering party is satisfied.

  • Can I check the status of my order?

Order status is visible in the order history for registered and logged-in customers. In addition, each customer receives an automatically generated e-mail informing about the current status:


  1. Order accepted,
  2. In progress,
  3. In progress 14 days - in case we need to import the goods from the UK,
  4. Product shipped,
  5. Order ready for pickup
  6. Order cancelled

  1. Shipping and Delivery


  • Can I personally pick up the ordered goods?

Yes, when filling in the details in the order, please select personal pickup and one of the three branches where personal pickup is possible.

  • What are the costs of package delivery?

All shipping prices are visible when placing an order.

  • Can I order goods with the option of shipment abroad?

Yes, but such orders are placed "manually" in writing to our email, which is e-sklep@jrmotors.pl.

  • Why can't I choose the type of shipping? In the shipping type box it states: "Personal Collection Only".

There is probably a battery in your shopping cart. This is an item that we do not send by courier. Such an order can only be picked up in person in Gdynia or Sopot. Such a situation also occurs when the sum of the order is less than PLN 10.

  1. Payment

  • How can I pay for the ordered goods?

There are four ways to pay for your purchases:

  • Transfer to the store's bank account. The account number and all necessary data are presented in the confirmation of purchase,
  • Payment using the integrated platform Przelewy24,
  • Payment upon personal collection. The customer orders the goods in the store then picks them up at the point,
  • Payment upon receipt of goods at the courier so-called "cash on delivery".

  1. Exchanges and Returns


  • Can I return the purchased goods?

Any customer can return a purchased item without giving any reason, which is described in paragraph 6 of our Terms and Conditions

  • Can I exchange the item for another one at a different price without monetary settlement?

No. Only items of the same price can be exchanged without settlement. However, it is possible to exchange a cheaper item for a more expensive one with a surcharge.

  • What is the refund period for the returned goods?

Up to 30 days after we receive the return shipment and grant the refund.

  • How are the money for sending back the item refunded?

Only and only by bank transfer to your account.

  1. Complaints


  • How to proceed if the ordered goods arrive damaged?

Complaint of goods can be made due to a physical defect, which consists in incompatibility of the sold thing with the contract.

In order to make a complaint, the Buyer is asked to send the item back to the seller's address (15 T. Wendy St. 81-351 Gdynia). The Customer is asked to attach a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice to the returned goods. In connection with the complaint, the Customer is asked to fill out a complaint form and send it with the goods. The logged-in customer has the option to fill out an electronic form available next to the name of the ordered item in the "my orders" tab. Just click the red word "Complaint", briefly describe the defect and click "save".

The complaint will be processed within 14 days from the date of its receipt, with the proviso that if the deadline falls on a public holiday, the deadline is postponed to the nearest working day.

If, on the other hand, the damage occurred as a result of improper transport, you should draw up a damage report with the courier and contact us.

  1. Products


  • I am not sure if the part I have chosen will fit my car. How to find out more?

You can inquire about the item online by clicking on the envelope icon under the product picture, or by phone by calling (58) 661-25-87. If we have more information about the product than is shown on the store page in the description, we will certainly make it available to the customer.

  • Are all the products displayed on the store pages available products?

No, not all products are available. With items available in our warehouses, there is always information (below the price) that the product is available and the number of pieces in stock.

On the other hand, next to unavailable products there is a red inscription "Inform me when the product is available". By clicking on this inscription and providing your e-mail address, you will be informed with an appropriate message that the product is already available. It is not possible to purchase an item that just happens to be unavailable.