• ABS210235 Wahacz lewy Honda CR-V I / II

Product code: 210235-ABS
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EAN 8717109312119

Wahacz, zawieszenie koła ABS210235

Track Control Arm


Nr kat.: 210235

Original part number HONDA 51460-S10-010, HONDA 51460-S10-020
Replacement part numbers ACKOJA A26-1147, ALANKO 10340599, BGA TRC2515, DELPHI TC2920, DIEDERICHS 1528003, FEBI BILSTEIN 42157, HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J4924008, KAWE 8500 40522, MEYLE 31-16 050 0058, NK 5012655, NPS H421A30, Oyodo 80Z4020-OYO, RIDEX 273C0269, RODRUNNER TC-H-247, Stark SKCA-0050267, TRISCAN 8500 40522, VAICO V26-0116, WXQP 50184, WXQP 54784, WXQP 54785
Weight Grams 1.3
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